Pizzaria Lisboa

It is in Pizzaria Lisboa, one of the spaces of the star Chef José Avillez that we find a tile panel executed with the mastery of the artists of the Department of Manual Painting of Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A.

With a drawing by Rita Ferrão and under the coordination of the architect Felipa de Almeida (Anahory Almeida cabinet), this panel, composed of 4611 tiles and spread over several spaces occupies a total area of 103 m2.


What happened? – Cevisama 2017

Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A. was at the latest edition of Cevisama, the international fair dedicated to the sector, held from February 20 to 24 in Valencia, Spain.

Reflecting the enormous success of this event was the huge influx of visitors that Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A. received.

In a stand inspired by the Urban Organic concept, Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A. presented its latest news: the Avenue collection, which materializes the Urban Chic concept, ideal to create spaces of industrial inspiration; The Rock collection, which recreates the sumptuousness and authenticity of the stone; The much-awaited Atelier collection in a new format – 07×14 – in all its magnificent 48 colours, as well as new colours, formats and decorations available in the Mustang Slate, Concrete, Lodge and Castle, Aline, Minimal, Plaster, Dune, Alpe, Natura , Krea, Focus and Home collections.


King Khalid University – Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Project executed with material of the Keratec brand- Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A., unglazed full body porcelain.

Its high wear resistance, longevity and ease of maintenance make this product the ideal solution for high traffic areas.

Deck Grey

Deck Grey
Extremely functional and resistant.

The deck solutions, in addition to the extreme functionality and strength, have become an aesthetic resource. Thus, our Deck has got a new color much requested by our customers – the Deck Grey. In this way, we combined two concepts: functionality and aesthetics, creating a product able of satisfying the most demanding customers.

Natura Ígnea

Natura Ígnea
The Natura collection expands its range with a glazed floor in 45×45 format.

The glazed floor is available in all Natura collection versions: in the Kalacata and Kalacata Grey versions, characterized by the intense golden and grey veins over a pure white background; in the Travertino Creme and Noz versions that recreate perfectly the stone with the same name and in the Ígnea version that reflects here the famous stone in a magnificent classic and simultaneously timeless atmosphere.

What happened? – Cersaie 2016

happenedAleluia’s most recent participation in the largest international fair of the sector was a huge success and has attracted many visitors!
In a stand that celebrates the most Urban spirit of the latest Vintage trends, numerous novelties were presented: Mustang Slate, which is inspired by the slate that is in the very origin of its name; Lodge and Castle that result from a refined selection of woods; the Aline series, which has a smooth structure of irregular plaster, as well as new colours, sizes and decorations of the series Concrete, Dune, Plaster, Alpe, Natura, Krea, Focus and Home.


Quinta de Quetzal

Quinta de Quetzal

It is in Quinta de Quetzal, Vila de Frades, in the heart of  the Alentejo region, that we can find a large tile panel, produced at Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A., in its Sintra unit, the Viúva Lamego Ceramic Factory.

At the entrance to the room where the restaurant is located we immediately fix our eyes on this large panel composed of 915 tiles, with an area of 17.94 square meters. It portrays a colourful drawing of a Quetzal, the bird that gives the name to the Quinta and also to some of their wines.

Produced in the Sintra unit of Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A. this panel is inspired on an illustration by the exceptional artist Henriette Arcelin, who has been working with Viúva Lamego in several art works. This large panel is the restaurant’s business card, having a great prominence in one of its walls.


Bairro do Avillez

Bairro do Avillez In Bairro do Avillez, the most recent restaurant of the Michelin star chef José Avillez, we can find a panel of tiles produced and painted in Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A., at its Sintra unit, the Viúva Lamego Ceramics Factory.


Pop Galo by Joana Vasconcelos

VasconcelosPop Galo is the new Joana Vasconcelos’ masterpiece.
It is a reinterpretation of the famous portuguese Galo de Barcelos with 10 meters high, about four tons and composed of 16,000 LEDs and 17,000 tiles, produced and hand painted in Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A. in its Sintra unit, Viúva Lamego.

Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A. worked in close collaboration with the artist in the development of techniques that allowed adapting the tiles to the curved forms of the masterpiece, a challenge readily accepted and successfully overcome.


Large mural of tiles painted by the artist André Saraiva


On the 21st of October, a large mural of tiles painted by the artist André Saraiva, with a total area of ​​1011.1 m2, 188 meters long, and consisting of 52,738 tiles, was presented to the public in the Garden Botto Machado in Lisbon.

This was an initiative of the Lisbon City Council, together with MUDE – Museum of Design and Fashion and the S. Vicente Parish Council. The mural was manufactured at Aleluia Cerâmicas SA in its Sintra unit, Viuva Lamego, following techniques and craft methods production, and hand-painted by the artist.

The Aleluia Cerâmicas S.A. worked in close collaboration with the artist in the development of new painting techniques that allowed the tiles to produce the graffiti effect, the particular language that distinguishes his work.


The Cacilheiro “Trafaria Praia”

The Cacilheiro “Trafaria Praia” served as a floating pavilion for Portugal at the 55th Bienalle of Arts in Venice, and was redecorated by the artist Joana Vasconcelos with a hand-painted panel by the masters of Viúva Lamego.



Viuva Lamego Shop reopens.

Located on an iconic building covered with traditional Portuguese tiles on Lisbon – Largo do Intendente.


Viúva Lamego shop the stage of “Estação Terminal”(Terminal Station)

Aiming to “reinvent loneliness” the “Estação Terminal”, on a walked route, filled the Intendente neighbor.


Marsens School in Switzerland

The Viúva Lamego by being a reference in the art of painting tiles, is again invited to be part of an international project by the architect Vincent Rapin. The Marsens School in Switzerland, it is a work that was meticulously designed, with 310 m2 of glazed bands white Viúva Lamego.

Kinetic Panel values the Bica Funicular

The two contiguous walls to the Bica Funicular building, in Lisbon, were valued with tile panels in black and white, suggesting an optical illusion of three-dimensionality. Those are a creation of the architects Rita and Catarina Almada Negreiros.
The two symmetrical panels have a total area of 54 m2 and feature multiple visions, due to use of the Kinetic Tiles from Viúva Lamego.

Tomberg Metro Station

The walls of the entrance corridor of the Tomberg metro station, in Brussels, were valorized with plates with a glazed finish, double sponging and hand-painting, by Viúva Lamego. Those plates were supplied in 1998 and later in 2013 for the expansion project of the station.

The project, which theme is a unique alphabet in which each letter is represented by a line and a colour, was designed by the architects Guy Rombouts and Monica Droste.