Large mural of tiles painted by the artist André Saraiva

On the 21st of October, a large mural of tiles painted by the artist André Saraiva, with a total area of ​​1011.1 m2, 188 meters long, and consisting of 52,738 tiles, was presented to the public in the Garden Botto Machado in Lisbon.

This was an initiative of the Lisbon City Council, together with MUDE – Museum of Design and Fashion and the S. Vicente Parish Council. The mural was manufactured at Aleluia Cerâmicas SA in its Sintra unit, Viuva Lamego, following techniques and craft methods production, and hand-painted by the artist.

The Aleluia Cerâmicas S.A. worked in close collaboration with the artist in the development of new painting techniques that allowed the tiles to produce the graffiti effect, the particular language that distinguishes his work.

Viuva Lamego, the century-old brand of Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A. is distinguished by its faithfulness to the traditional methods and processes of the Portuguese tiles. It has an extensive experience in working with renowned artists and in developing great works of public art in the national and international scene.

André Saraiva’s drawings suggest a “reinterpretation” of the Portuguese capital, represented through the colors and design that distinguishes his work. It blends past and present, as well as references to other world capitals, where the artist lives and works.



Among other references to the city of Lisbon and with the backdrop of the sky and the river Tagus, there are recognizable symbols of the city as the Castle of St. George, the Monument to the Discoveries, 25th of April Bridge, the Santa Justa Elevator or the Campo Pequeno Bullring. We can also identify Mr. A character, created by André Saraiva and with which, among others, his signature is recognized in the art world.

This impressive mural, a clear statement in the city’s landscape of public art for its size, creativity and technique, was presented to the public on 21st of October in Lisbon. Among others, the Mayor of Lisbon, Vice-Mayor and the Councillor for ​​Culture were accompanied by the Director of MUDE (Museum of Design and Fashion), the President of the S. Vicente Parish Council and the Curator of the National Tile Museum.


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