Discover 7 advantages of ceramic tiles

March 6, 2020

The process of choosing the ideal covering for a house or apartment is an important step in a project and may not be an easy task.

Whether in the scope of construction or remodeling, a bad choice can result in an unsightly area, acoustically and thermally uncomfortable, or even poorly functional.

There are varied and significant benefits when choosing ceramic tiles, especially in the long term, such as strength, durability and ease of maintenance.

Today we share with you the main advantages of ceramic tiles.

Advantage 1: Water resistance

The high resistance of the ceramic coating and low level of water absorption make it ideal for use in humid environments, such as kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas.

Because it is not porous, it is extremely resistant to water and very easy and quick to clean, preventing water from reaching the layer underneath. Provided that it is well installed, the ceramic can last a lifetime without having to be replaced.

Advantage 2: Fire resistance

Fire resistance must be an aspect to be taken into consideration when deciding.

Ceramic material is non-combustible and, in the event of a fire, does not contribute to the spread of the fire.

Thus, for security reasons, this factor should be taken into consideration when choosing the material to be applied, both in private and public areas.

Advantage 3: Durability

The durability of ceramic tiles in relation to other materials is much higher, making it a more economical option.

Once fixed, the maintenance need is reduced; just clean periodically and avoid contact with abrasive products.

Advantage 4: Decorative | Variety of design

The ceramic coating is no longer merely functional and has also taken on a decorative function. There are materials of high quality but aesthetically unattrative and there are cheap materials which are not very resistant.

Ceramics manages to bring together the best of both worlds: it is versatile, resistant, accessible, beautiful and therefore decorative.

Today, there are tiles of all types of colors, shapes, patterns and textures and of varying prices suitable for all budgets.

With the existing diversity, you will easily find the type of ceramic ideal for each space.

Advantage 5: Price and ease of application

Ceramic is an accessible product, especially when compared to materials such as wood, natural stone or wallpaper.

There is a wide variety accessible to all types of needs and budgets.

In addition, ease of installation reduces labor costs.

Advantage 6: Sustainability

Environmental concerns are a very present concern today, and that is why we are increasingly looking to incorporate ecological materials in construction. The durability of ceramics makes it a sustainable product.

Aleluia Cerâmicas has taken this into consideration in its manufacturing process, and is a certified company regarding environmental aspects.

So before buying, seek a manufacturer that has this concern in its manufacturing process and which makes a responsible and conscious choice.

Advantage 7: Easy to clean and maintain

Ceramics has a significant advantage over other materials, has a much lower maintenance requirement and, therefore is a more economical solution.

A mere periodic wiping with a dry or slightly damp cloth is enough to maintain tiles clean. There is no need for abrasive products and constant maintenance.