Restaurant & Fish Market Vis & Dis

The figure that stands out when we enter in the restaurant & fish market Vis & Dis in the region of Keerbergen is a magnificent tile panel with the figure of a mullet fish in the central area, hand-painted by the masters of the Aleluia Cerâmicas.

The Válega Church

A true masterpiece of the art of tile painting.

Pinhão Railway Station

The Pinhão Railway Station, on the Douro line, was built in the 19th century and is a must visit for anyone visiting the Douro region.

Pine Cliffs

The Pine Cliffs area in the Algarve, one of Europe's most prestigious luxury resorts, has selected Aleluia Cerâmicas to enhance its facilities.

The disrupted roundabout

This work is signed by the sculptor and painter Dimas da Conceição Macedo and created in partnership with Aleluia Cerâmicas.

Pizzaria Lisboa

It is in Pizzaria Lisboa, one of the spaces of the star Chef José Avillez that we find a tile panel executed with the mastery of the artists of the Department of Manual Painting of Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A.

Gouache on paper

Croquis from 1961, by Lourenço Limas. Aleluia Cerâmicas, S.A.

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