Aesthetics at the service of comfort, safety and energy consumption.

In contemporary architecture, the façade, more than just an aesthetic issue, is also the skin that protects the building from the exterior. Thus, that choice influences the comfort, safety and energy consumption of the building. Therefore, Keratec has developed products capable of meeting the most diverse needs, both for glued facade systems as for ventilated ones.


Glued Facade (0.45cm)
The robustness, resistance to thermal shock and dirtiness, allied to the innovative reduced thickness of this range of products, make it ideal for use in glued façade solutions. Their light weight allows for faster installation, while maintaining, nonetheless, all the advantages of a high performance covering.
Among the many advantages of this solution, we highlight the following:
– Greater efficiency in the renovation of facades;
– Thermal insulation;
– Energy savings;
– Economic savings;
– Protection of structural elements of the building.
Ventilated Facade (1cm)
The robustness, resistance to thermal shock and dirtiness, make this solution of 1cm thickness ideal for fixation on aluminium support, in ventilated facades, permitting its use both in hidden fixation solutions as in semi-hidden fixation ones.
The advantages of the ventilated façade sistems, complemented with a high quality ceramic covering solution, are widely known, especially the following:
– Ideal for rehabilitations, due to the easy application over old coverings;
– Easy and fast execution at work site;
– Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation;
– Energy savings up to 40%;
– Protection of the structural elements of the building.


Wall / Extruded porcelain tiles


  • 30x90


  • Natural


Wall / Extruded porcelain tiles
V1 - Uniform appearance

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