The maximum robustness and mechanical resistance are fundamental requirements in areas with heavy load traffic and resistance to use in general.

Keratec has developed a range of solutions that are suitable for this sort of spaces, which, allied to its high resistance to stains and to chemical agents, are an unbeatable and perfect proposal for spaces such as parking lots, hypermarkets, transport interfaces, industry, laboratories, among others.

Solution of maximum robustness and mechanical resistance that offers high resistance to stains and chemical agents, especially suitable for the most demanding spaces in terms of support of heavy loads and of resistance to use in general (for example, parking lots, hypermarkets, transport interfaces, industry, laboratories, etc.).

It has three base formats, with a thickness of 1.2cm and 1.4cm, and offers various types of finishes that meet the specific needs depending on the type of use and foreseen level of security (natural, textured, and textured radial drainage)


INDUSTRIAL30x301.430x30x1.4 cmNaturalR91 1014
INDUSTRIAL30x30 1.429.5x29.5x1.4 cm ret.NaturalR91U4 P4S E3 C2 1014
INDUSTRIAL30x30 1.230x30x1.2 cmAnti-SlipR113>45A+B 1014AS
INDUSTRIAL30x30 1.230x30x1.2 cmCIR102>36A 1014CI
INDUSTRIAL30x30 1.230x30x1.2 cmDrainage texturedR12-V63>45A+B+C 1914
INDUSTRIAL30x30 1.230x30x1.2 cmNaturalR91 1014
INDUSTRIAL30x30 1.230x30x1.2 cmTextured CIR123A+B 1514CI
INDUSTRIAL30x30 1.229.5x29.5x1.2 cm ret.Anti-SlipR113>45A+B 1014AS
INDUSTRIAL30x30 1.229.5x29.5x1.2 cm ret.CIR102>36A 1014CI
INDUSTRIAL30x30 1.229.5x29.5x1.2 cm ret.Drainage texturedR12-V63>45A+B+C 1914
INDUSTRIAL30x30 1.229.5x29.5x1.2 cm ret.NaturalR91 1014
INDUSTRIAL30x30 1.229.5x29.5x1.2 cm ret.Textured CIR123A+B 1514CI
INDUSTRIAL20x201.420x20x1.4 cmNaturalR91 1014
INDUSTRIAL20x20 1.419.4x19.4x1.4 cm ret.NaturalR91 1014
INDUSTRIAL20x20 1.220x20x1.2 cmAnti-SlipR113>45A+B 1014AS
INDUSTRIAL20x20 1.220x20x1.2 cmCIR102>36A 1014CI
INDUSTRIAL20x20 1.220x20x1.2 cmDrainage texturedR12-V63>45A+B+C 1914
INDUSTRIAL20x20 1.220x20x1.2 cmNaturalR91 1014
INDUSTRIAL20x20 1.220x20x1.2 cmTextured CIR123>45A+B 1514CI
INDUSTRIAL20x20 1.219.4x19.4x1.2 cm ret.Anti-SlipR113>45A+B 1014AS
INDUSTRIAL20x20 1.219.4x19.4x1.2 cm ret.CIR102>36A 1014CI
INDUSTRIAL20x20 1.219.4x19.4x1.2 cm ret.NaturalR91U4 P4+ E3 C2 1014
INDUSTRIAL20x20 1.219.4x19.4x1.2 cm ret.Textured CIR123>45A+B 1514CI
INDUSTRIAL12x241.211.7x24x1.2 cmCIR102>36A 1014CI
INDUSTRIAL12x24 1.211.7x24x1.2 cmNaturalR91 1014