The constant concern in the search for a higher quality of life is one of the incentives of Keratec for the investigation and development of exclusive design, creating solutions that have as purpose making buildings, public spaces and transport interfaces more accessible for all.

This complementary range offers a solution of tactile pavement, and is a practical guidance system for the blind and the visually impaired, with different scientifically studied reliefs, and that correspond to objective information and to coordinates that lead the blind and visually impaired in safety to any part of the city or town, being also widely used in transport interfaces.


KERABRAILLE20x201.220x20x1.2 cmCaution Line CIR10-V102>36A LC20
KERABRAILLE20x20 1.220x20x1.2 cmChange of DirectionR102>36A MD20
kerabraille20x20 1.220x20x1.2 cmGuide Line CIR10-V102>36A LG20
KERABRAILLE20x20 1.220x20x1.2 cmSafety Line CIR10-V102>36A LS50

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