DANDY - The remake of the timeless Terrazzo for the creation of bold environments

November 26, 2021

The Dandy collection comes from the modern reinterpretation of Terrazzo, one of the great symbols of classic style.

Established in Ancient Greece, Terrazzo emerged as a way to recycle surplus or demolished materials, thus reducing material waste and increasing, in an economic way, the decorative solutions to be used in buildings.

Composed of a mixture of marble, quartz, granite or pieces of glass, aggregated by concrete, this material stands out for the elegance of the colour it offers both to the floor and to the walls of the spaces.

dandy terrazzo aleluia ceramicas

Used during various eras, it gained special relevance during the Renaissance period (15th century), where it set the main palace cladding trends in the city of Venice.

Subsequently, it regained prominence in the 1970s, being widely used for wall and floor coverings.

Reinvented and replicated in various materials, Terrazzo it is today considered one of the main bets for those looking for an irreverent decoration, based on the classic style.

dandy terrazzo aleluia ceramicas moodboard

Combinations of pieces for creative combinations

With a bold look, Dandy collection is an option for those who wish to create a decoration, with personality and retro inspiration.

Available in 5 distinct colours – White, Beige, Grey, Anthracite and Green – it presents two distinct types of graphics, which provide great versatility to this creation’s application.

As a base, we can find a more discreet option with a neutral and soft looking microcement, complemented with a bolder looking Terrazzo graphic. Both options were designed for a perfect combination, thus allowing to create a decoration with a strong identity.

dandy terrazzo microcimento aleluia ceramicas

In order to create more distinctive spaces, a “mosaic” decoration is also available, ideal for creating focal points in the decor.

Dandy Green White WC

How to use Dandy collection in your space’s decoration?  

Suitable for both floors and walls, the Dandy collection adapts to any room, thus allowing to create a harmony between the simplicity of microcement and the strong character of Terrazzo.

Highlight for Kitchen’s backsplash

The kitchen is one of the ideal places to apply the Dandy collection. If you have a backsplash, an island or an area you wish to highlight, Terrazzo may be one of the best solutions to give a touch of irreverence, without creating an overly aggressive contrast.

In order to create greater harmony in the room, you can choose to put the micro-cement option on the floor, thus creating a perfect combination between wall and floor tiles.

Covering a wall or highlight area

With its bold look, the Dandy collection is ideal for those who wish to create a prominent decoration area.

While able to being applied at covering a complete wall or creating an accent next to a bath or shower area, it provides the space with a singular and sophisticated aesthetic look.

This application can be complemented with a microcement-base, thus allowing to create a perfect harmony in the space.

Continuity between wall and floor

Another way to apply this collection is by building a continuity effect between the wall and the floor.

This way, it is possible to create a greater sense of depth, thus allowing the spaces to gain a greater volume.

The Dandy collection thus brings the nostalgia of a timeless pattern, offering great versatility in application and the establishment of creative and sophisticated combinations.