Stone Age - The Stone's natural soul in an embracing harmony

15 de June, 2022

Since the dawn of Humanity, stone has stood out as a central element in construction.

However, with the development of other construction techniques and materials, it ceased to be so used in the structural part to assume a relevant role in decoration.

Able to disclose the character and charm of nature into the spaces, it adapts to the creation of the most diverse decorative styles, as well as to the combination of various types of material

Stone Age White Cozinha azulejo efeito pedra

Stone Age – The stone’s genuineness and character

Inspired by the limestone texture, Stone Age collection seeks to connect spaces’ decoration with the harmony of nature.

With a graphic, recreating in detail the stone’s tones, grains and veins, it provides a strong character to the decoration, thus creating genuine environments, with a well-being sensation.

For a more personalized application, it has a selection of 4 colours – White, Greige, Grey and Anthracite – and 6 distinct finishes – Natural, Honed, Polished, Non-slippery, Satin and Shine – which adapt both to the decorator’s taste and the area where ceramics are to be applied.

This collection is also complemented by a range of decorated tiles, which combine tradition and contemporaneity in decoration.

Stone Age greige sala azulejo efeito pedra

How to use Stone Age collection in the decoration of your space? 

Although it is often associated with a rustic style, stone can actually be used to build the most diverse styles.

Whether it’s to cover an indoor and outdoor space, it allows you to connect your space with natural elements and create a sense of well-being at home.

Kitchens with character

By being a point of preparation and consumption of meals and where many leisure hours are spent, the kitchen is considered one of the central points of the house.

Thus, it is important that it offers a sense of comfort while transmitting the personality of those who inhabit it.

With a look that is inspired by the strong character and naturalness of the stone, the Stone Age collection becomes an excellent solution for this space, thus allowing to endow the spaces with a high modernity and personality.

Harmonious and timeless-looking bathrooms

Considered as a place of relaxation after a long day of work, it is important that the bathroom conveys a sense of serenity and well-being.

With light tones and graphics that replicate the genuineness of nature, the Stone Age collection allows you to create harmonious spaces with a timeless look.

Outdoor spaces integrated with nature

When choosing the decoration for your outdoor space, you can opt for a solution that integrates with the surrounding natural environment.

With the Stone Age collection, it is possible to create a harmonious space that invites to good moments of leisure.

With solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces, it is also ideal for creating a continuity effect between both spaces, thus allowing you to maintain the same style in the floor of your entire space.