Modern and organic spaces

Keeping in mind the sediments which gradually accumulate in the river beds, the Ebro collection stands out with its discreet and harmonious look, which transmits a sensation of naturalness to areas.

Formed by the agglomaration of particles of stones and minerals of diverse dimensions, randomly dispersed over a base of ciment, the Ebro collection presents itself as a more subtle terrazzo, which offers a modern and harmonious look.

Created to meet the needs of contemporary architecture, and perfectly suited for both commercial and residential spaces. Produced in full body extruded porcelain, this collection offers elevated robustness and durability.

Soft AS

The new Soft Antislip finish ensures a smooth and pleasant-to-touch surface while maintaining slip-resistant properties.

The main advantage is that the same material can be applied in areas that do not have slip resistance requirements as well as in areas where these requirements are important (e.g., shower areas, outdoor spaces, etc.).

This new finish stands out for unifying the area of spaces and enabling their continuity between the interior and exterior.


  • 60x60
  • 30x60
  • 10x10


    Wall + Floor


  • Soft AS


Soft AS
Extruded Porcelain Tiles
V3 Moderate Variation
Class 3
Soft AS
Select colour to see range
  • 60x60
  • 30x60
  • 10x10

Special pieces

59.2x59.2x0.8 cm ret.
29.5x59.2x0.8 cm ret.
Step Extra Fluted*
29.5x59.2x0.8 cm ret.
8x59.2x0.8 cm ret.

* Minimum of 10 pieces

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