Urban Atelier

Soft textures with unique colours for customized decor.

Urban Atelier expresses the notion of a luxury handcrafted product that possesses a delicate handmade style aesthetic. Gifted with a soft and delicate movement, covered with a special glaze that offers an appealing visual depth, it offers a unique solution to decorate spaces with elevated sophistication and refinement.
A collection composed of 48 unique and distinctive colours, to explore and allow for original and highly personalised projects.



Wall / Wall tiles


  • 14x14
  • 7x14
  • 10x10


  • Shine


Wall / Wall tiles
V2 Slight Variation

Special pieces

Convex Quarter-Round
CV 3x10
CV 3x14
Convex Quarter-Round Corner
CCV 3x3
Concave Quarter-Round
CC 3x10
CC 3x14
Concave Quarter-Round Corner
CCC 3x3
Semi Round Bullnose
SRB 2x10
SRB 2x14
Surface Bullnose
SFB 2.5x10
SFB 2.5x14

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