Keratec ceramic tiles in extruded porcelain are obtained from exceptional raw materials, submitted to a grinding process of reduced size particles and shaped by high pressure extrusion and fired at high temperatures.

In a world where specialization is a competitive advantage, the Keratec brand products are manufactured in a modern and innovative Portuguese ceramics unit of extruded porcelain floor and wall tiles, whose diversity of range and physicochemical characteristics of superior quality serve the needs of the most demanding and ambitious projects.

Raw materials Preparation

Extruded Porcelain Tiles

Why Choose Keratec?

Pioneers in the world market, Keratec products are obtained from exceptional raw materials, which undergo a milling process of reduced granulometry and are formed by high pressure extrusion, and, finally, are fired at high temperatures, giving the product unique and high quality physicochemical characteristics.

Extruded Porcelain and Pressed Porcelain, which are the differences?

The lamellar structure that is a characteristic of the ceramic materials obtained by extrusion, results from the natural tendency of the clay particles to put themselves in layers during the extrusion process. The raw materials for extrusion are submitted to a grinding process by which a very reduced particles size is achieved, thereby increasing the density of the body (not fired yet) comparatively to the raw materials prepared to be used for pressed tiles. The smaller the particles are, the stronger is the reactivity between them, therefore lower the porosity of the final ceramic material.

Raw materials clay homogenization

Extruded Porcelain Tiles




A high quality product, with a homogenous surface and body, which ensures a high longevity.
High Resistance to Abrasion and Ruture
High resistance to abrasion, scratching and bending, being suitable for all sorts of areas, including the most demanding, such as outdoor, industrial and high traffic.
High Chemical Resistance
Minimal water absorption (≤0,1%) and use of suitable raw materials, give the product a high resistance to chemicals, acids and bases in high concentrations.
High Resistance to Stains and Acids
The products have a high degree of removal or attenuation of stains, which optimizes the maintenance and cleaning of the floor.
High Resistance to Thermal Shock and Ice
High resistance to temperature variations and to frost, which are key features in the choosing of this product by its prescribers.