Now you can simulate the application of floor and wall tiles in any area of your home.

In a simple and automatic process, our simulator allows you to substitute the floors and walls on a photograph taken of your area, demonstrating the alternatives when you select from one of our collections. This helps to eliminate uncertainties or assumptions in your selection of a new floor or wall. It is as easy as taking a photo…..try it today !


How does it work ?

No application or special requirement needed. It is easy and very quick:

1. Select the collection
From our website, select and enter a collection which you wish to simulate in your area by clicking on the blue button “simulate in your home”

2. Take a photograph of the space.
Select " Take a picture of my room" if you're using a smartphone or "Insert my room" if you're using a computer and wish to insert a specific picture you already have.

3. See and experiment.
In a few seconds, your photo will be loaded ! Select the wall or floor buttons to choose the area you wish to simulate. From the menu, you can also change the colour of the product or even select another collection until you find the solution which you like most.

Why use our simulator ?

Simply helping you to find the perfect tile for your home, and assisting in the decision making process in the an efficient and confident way. With our simulator, it is possible to visualize how a new tile will transform your area, and this way allow you to easily choose the solution you prefer. All you need to do is take a photo of the area you wish to change, and let our simulator do the rest!

Start now and select the first collection which you would like to simulate in your home.