Artesanal style with a modern look

Inspired in the ancient japanese technique of glazing ceramics, the Raku collection recreates an ancestral tradition in a contemporary and authentic approach.

Presenting a glossy and irregular surface, this product evokes the colours and traditional ceramic materials to create spaces with a modern touch, without losing the charm and athenticity of artesanal pieces.

Produced in a small format (6x27cm), Raku is composed of 8 modern colours, each characterised by an ample variety of tones, rust effect details, as well as small discreet contrasting points.

With a versatile and highly decorative look, this collection allows for the coordination with a great variety of coverings, such as woods, stones and cements, permitting creative combinations in feature walls which illuminate spaces.


  • 6x27




  • Shine


Wall Tiles
V4 Strong variation

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