5 Trends in Interior Decorating

16 de April, 2021

In a year marked by confinement and having to spend more time at home, many of us began being more attentive to our spaces.

The onset of summer is a period where many people choose to renovate these spaces and opt to change decorative styles.

If you seek inspiration to choose a new space for your home, we share with you here some of the main current trends in interior decorating styles.

Elements which connect with Nature

In our increasingly faster and urban lifestyles, it is important to draw serenity and nature into our homes.

One of the more distinctive recent trends is the use of natural materials which allow to create convenient and inviting spaces which are in total harmony with nature.

For floor and wall tile applications, the selection of materials which replicate natural beauty of wood is one of the main choices, which help to bring a sense of comfort and hospitilability to any area of a house.

noble raffia wood living room interior decorating

Wood is also distinctive in furnishings such as work tops, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, adopting a more natural construction style.

In terms of decoration, there is an increasing trend to use natural or artificial plants in vases, interior gardens or vertical creations in various areas.

The use of natural materials adapt to any style and allows for a close connection with Nature without having to leave home.

We highlight the Noble and Oslo collections, floor and wall options which, due to their perfect sincronisations between the graphic designs and the textures, offer a practically indistinguishable sense of realism.

Confortable and organised spaces with a minimalistic style

Minimalism is also an important trend in interior decorating.

Ideal for small areas, a concept of “less is more” allows to create confortable and organised spaces.

The use of straight lines and neutral colours offers a hightened sense of clarity and a sensation of larger dimensions of spaces.

With this style, you can opt for a floor or wall tile from our new Muse collection, which is characterised by thin veins and inspired by the purest of marbles, and offers a clean and simple look.

Organic walls rich in details

Ambients are also evolving into more convenient and welcoming spaces.

The choice of organic elements is a strong tendency , with a clear inclination towards textiles, woods, plaster or clays. These remain faithfull to their origins, conserving all their natural beauty and offering spaces a sense of well-being and tranquility.

Organic and sensory walls are also at the centre of decorative trends, marked by serene designs and neutral tones.

Whether in a kitchen, bathroom or lounge area, we have various decorative solutions which will allow for the creation of feature spaces, rich in detail.

Our Raw collection is an example of a how we can create a wall area with a differentiating aspect. Representing the essence of actual ceramic, it features simple yet elegant patterns with a distinctive tactile sensation.

Our Essence and Feel collections also present themselves as organic and distinctive products which will highlight your home.

feel dark black grey wc

Industrial inspiration for the creation of sofisticated and urban spaces

In seeking urban and sofisticated areas, one finds an industially inspired design. As a mood initially reinterpreted by a cement look in its raw state, as is the case of our Boulevard collection, new and more sofisticated solutions have evolved, without losing all the authenticity and urbanism.

This new trend absorbs all the essence of ciments for the creation of a modern space, whilst maintaing an elegant and soficticated look.

For this style, we suggest the Backstage collection, inspired by an aged and scratched micro-cement, which features a very realistic aspect , further highlighted by slight matt and satin contrasts in the graphic design.

Opting for exclusive elements and fine details

Decorators increasingly seek to create unique spaces by the selection of a more exclusive interior decorating style.

For this, they seek singular and distinctive materials which feature as central and differentiating design focal points.

signature turquoise wc handmade painted interior decorating

The uniqueness of artisanal creations has created increased demand, mainly by the ability to manually recreate desired patterns and effects.

Whether to decorate a table or wall, signature pieces are ideal to create focus points in spaces, and promote a regional affectionate aspect to decorating.

black code sprinkle kitchen interior decorating

Inspired by our rich history in hand-painted tiles, we present the Black Code and Signature collections which are lovingly crafted by our artistic masters.