How to choose your style of ceramics ?

January 7, 2021

When its time to decorate a home, all details are important in order to create a comfortable and inviting space.

To do this, there are styles which may be adopted that suit all tastes.

From a classic space to a modern and bold option, it is important that the taste and personality of the decorator is present in the choices.

If you are now deciding on how to decorate your home, we suggest some inspirations of styles which you may consider using.


For those who desire a connection with nature, an organic style may be one of the best solutions.

This type of decoration provides your home with diverse natural materials such as stone, bricks and woods. The colour palette is initself inspired by nature.

As a basis for the space, neutral and calm tones are ideal, whilst blues, greens and yellows contribute as lightness points.



This is currentlly an amply utlised concept and reflects a design which many times serves as a canvas for other influences and styles.

Elegance, sophistictaion, functionality and harmony are key aspects of a modern style. Characterised by neutral colours, occasionally highlighted by slightly stronger colours, straight lines and spacious areas.

studio tiles


The concept of “less is more” has never so in-fashion. Fewer objects and more space is the theme for a minimalistic style.

Areas created with simplicity, dominated by straight lines and neutral colours, and decorative organisation.

If you have a small space, this may be the ideal solution, with the combination of lighter colours and fewer objects allow to create a more spacious and harmonious area.

balance silver


This style is increasingly present in interior decoration, bringing an urban charm to within our homes.

The main characteristics of this concept are ample and rudimentary spaces, grey tones, cement, and the use of worn metals, as well as natural elements such as wood.

This concept is therefore an ideal style for those who seek the unconventional to create typically urban spaces.

urban stone grey ceramics


Even with increasingly more decorative styles to consider, there are concepts which never go out of fashion.

The classic style combines traits of exquiste details which are currently being reinforced with a modern style.

Noble materials and ample spaces with manufactured structures highlight this decoration, with the use of sobre colours like brown, dark blue, black, red and green.

To soften the dark colours used in this style, details in gold, beiges, creams, bronzes and whites can be used in a balanced combination.

natura travertino ceramics


When we want to combine the past and the present side by side, a Retro style is born.

This concept is inspired in the old and reproduces what was once fashionable in the past. It combines more classic styles of ceramics, together with current spaces and objects, creating a bold and rebellious effect.

new zellige burgundy ceramics

If you are seeking a ceramic solution suited to your style, we invite you to aquaint yourself with Aleluia Ceramicas‘s floor and wall tile collections.