Wall and floor tiles solutions for outdoor areas

7 de May, 2021

With the summer’s heat and good weather approaching, the desire to make full use of outdoor spaces begins to grow.

For that, many people take advantage of this time of year to create or renovate these places, so that they can make the most of the long days of this season.

If you are looking for a solution, into turning these spaces more beautiful, comfortable and functional, learn more about some of the decorative proposals you can apply, using ceramic floor and wall tiles.

Extension of space: from inside to outside

One of the solutions which is often sought in the decoration of spaces is the construction of an effect of continuity between the interior and exterior areas of the house. This way, it is possible to create a visual amplitude and harmonization between the environments.

Aiming to recreate this effect, it is important to choose a collection that presents, within the same visual aspect, indoor and outdoor solutions.

If you are looking for a way to apply this style at home, here are some suggestions of floor tiles  that can be applied in both environments.


For those who like modern environments, we suggest the cement look of the Boulevard collection. Available with a natural and anti-slippery finish, it can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

boulevard dark cimento


If you prefer a more organic style, closer to nature, you can choose materials, which replicate the look of stone.

The Urban Stone collection is one of these options, as it reinterprets the character of stone in decoration. With a natural and anti-slip finish, it is also a solution to apply in both places.

urban stone pavimentos ceramicos

Another solution within this style is Mustang Slate, a collection that replicates a slate, originating from Brazil’s deep valleys. It is, thus, a ceramic that establishes a relationship between the stone look and the surrounding environment, through creating an integration between interior and exterior environments.

mustang slate Beige


Wood is commonly used by those who want a more natural environment, which reflects a cosy and comfortable look.

Although it can be used in outdoor spaces, it requires constant care and maintenance in order to maintain its original appearance. Besides needing to be waterproofed and treated against fungi and insects, it tends to lose its colour, thus making it necessary to remove the varnish and sand it to, then, putting the protection back on.

In order to save on maintenance costs, the use of wooden-look ceramic tiles could be a solution, as they reveal a very realistic look and are close to the original material. In addition, it is also fire-resistant – the ceramic material has non-flammable characteristics and, in the event of fire, it does not contribute to fire dissemination – and highly durable, thus turning it into an economical and easy-maintenance option.

Within this style, we highlight the Bosco collection, which combines the natural beauty of wood with the resistance of ceramics and has a natural, anti-slip finish, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

bosco noce varanda

Facade/exterior floor combination

Another decorative solution, which can be used, is the combination of the facade with the exterior floor. Thus, it is possible to create a dichotomy between the building and the surrounding environment, without noise or dissonance.

For this option, we recommend avoiding light and bright colours, as they reflect sunlight, by reducing the comfort feeling.

Aiming to achieve this effect, we suggest the Concrete collection, which allows opposing elements (concrete vs. nature) to merge harmoniously.

concrete fuse exterior

Porches and outdoor living areas

In order to getting the most out of outdoor spaces, as it is the case of porches, there are various solutions, from wooden-look, to cobblestone or granite, which can be used to create an environment, in harmony with the surrounding space.

One of the most popular solutions is Deck, a ceramic solution with a wooden-look, which revives more intimate and cosy atmospheres.

For those who prefer a stone-look, the Granit collection can be an option, both in the plain version and comprising decorative elements. While recreating granitic stone’s nobility, it allows the creation of authentic spaces, in communion with nature.

Granit Arc Grey outdoor porches

Swimming pool areas

In order to enjoy summer days’ heat, the exterior space is often used to put a swimming pool.

In these spaces, it is important to pay attention to the material that is applied to the surrounding pavement in order to fulfil some required specific characteristics, namely at thermal and water accumulation level.

As it is a barefoot circulation area, it is important to apply an athermic material, i.e., one that does not absorb much heat (these areas are completely exposed to the sun).

In addition, as it is an area that will be frequently wet, it is important that it has an anti-slip finish, in order to ensure complete safety in this space.

Taking into account these characteristics, ceramic material presents itself as an ideal solution, as it presents good thermal behaviour and has low water absorption and expansion by humidity. Additionally, it is a material which is easy to maintain and highly resistant to stains and solar exposure, thus not requiring any maintenance.

For these spaces, we suggest using ceramic Deck, a material widely used in these areas and which has advantages in terms of cleaning and maintenance, over a similar wooden decking solution.

deck tiles exteriores outdoor

Another option is the Granit collection, with decorative elements in a half-moon shape, thus giving a more traditional and refined look to these spaces.

Granit Arc Beige outdoor

Tips into choosing an anti-slip floor solution suitable for your area

A floor solution becomes non-slip when its surface is rough or rugged, thus providing greater resistance to slipping.

Friction coefficient is the resistance that the surface of the ceramic tile exerts in relation to the slipping/sliding of people, walking on the ceramic floor. In practice, the friction coefficient determination defines where the floor will be used.

The ABC standard (DIN 51097) qualifies the adherence of ceramic tiles for bare feet:

  • A – Average adherence (changing rooms)
  • B – High adherence (showers, steps outside swimming pool area)
  • C – Strong adherence (swimming pools)

In order to choose the best solution for your outdoor space, you can find this information in each of our collections.

With these solutions for your outdoor space, you can make the most of your leisure areas, by turning them into comfortable and functional spaces, for socialising with family and friends.