Aleluia Cerâmicas innovates in extruded porcelain, positioning itself at the forefront of this type of technical product

7 de January, 2021

Aleluia Cerâmicas installed at its Vagos industrial unit, a digital printer for use on  extruded porcelain.

This implementation is part of a strategic evolution of the production line to allow for the development of new products, and increases to seven the quantity of digital printers present in the group’s various industrial units.

impressora digital vagos

Besides allowing for a reduction in the consumption of inks and rolls used in traditional printing methods, this is a relatively new technique for ceramic production in extruded porcelain, and which places Aleluia Cerâmicas at the forefront of the technology for this specific technical product.

With this new printer, it will be possible to improve the asthetic aspects of these technical products, allowing to follow new market trends.

Extruded porcelain products are subjected to a granulometric reduction milling process, shaped via high pressure extrusion, and fired at very high temperatures, which allows for unique physico-chemical properties in the products contributing to its quality and longevity characteristics.