Hand Painting

Although Aleluia Cerâmicas has strongly invested in its strategy of development and diversification of products and markets, it has maintained, since 1905, a department of decorative panels and hand-painted tiles (...)

Today the company prides itself in continuing the tile art tradition through the hands of specialized artists and painters who follow the designs and sketches, maintaining the quality transmitted by the masters. It is capable of responding to the most varied of decorative demands, from classic to the most modern designs, be it for a private home or for large-scale urban projects.

Associated with the traditional technique of hand painting, mono or polychromatic, new techniques of glazing, painting and formats offer innovative solutions for the Visual Arts, Architecture and Design.

The panels are designed according to their place of application.

Let us get to know the space, then choose a specific design and personalize it. The result shall be a reflection of our art and your creativity.

Contact us by the following email: paineis@aleluia.pt